Wonderful Reviews for The Circle of Ceridwen Saga

The narrator, Nano Nagle, brings the perfect tone to her performance, and I applaud Ms. Randolph for her choice. With this reader, she has elevated her wonderful book to an audio treasure. Thank you, Octavia!

I read Silver Hammer, Golden Cross and loved it!  It’s wonderful to see what is happening with the children now that they are grown and to look into the lives of all of the other characters I have come to love and see how they fare.  I look forward to what comes next. I plan to purchase Silver Hammer in print version so I can hold it in my hands and see it on my bookshelf next the other volumes.
I also finished the audio versions of The Claiming and The Hall of Tyr.  It is a whole new experience going back and hearing the story compared to reading it.  Nano Nagle is absolutely perfect.  You could not have found a better narrator.