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Nano Nagle

Examples of my Work

Below you will find some examples of my work, split into three areas: Games, Audiobooks and Commercials

Games - Here are some demos and examples of my work

Here are some brief snippets of my work for various types of audiobook

Commercials - Here are some demos and examples of my work

I also read a series of children's books on a YouTube channel, that can be found as a slideshow below. You can view the channel by following this link.

About Me

Nano Nagle Collage

I have spent all of my working life in the theatre and that is where I have learnt so much about character and storytelling. Over the past few years I have started using my skills to narrate Audiobooks (65 as we speak) and a whole world of voiceovers has opened up to me.
I have voiced some interesting elearning projects, chirpily used my skills in commercials and also told some mad cap stories in some fabulous Games!
Listen to my historical fiction, crime fiction and many more genres on Audible, iTunes and Apple. Play my latest game, Astrologaster on App Stores and every now and again you'll hear my dulcet tones persuading you to live a different way!
Visit my Spotlight profile for more details on projects that I have worked on.

What's Going On

Companies I have worked for lately

  • Audible
  • Blackstone Media
  • Copernic
  • Dreamscape Entertainment
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Nyamyam Games
  • Utrecht Science Park
  • W F Howes

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